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  • Remember Names

    Learn the 3-Step AE Mind Memory System to memorizing anyone’s name quickly and easily.

  • Build Relationships

    Remember that the Sweetest sound to anyone’s ear is when they hear their name.

  • Increase Business

    Make instant connections with your clients leading you to more referrals and more business.

  • First Names

    Learn how to memorize top English Names from around the world.

  • Foreign Names

    Learn how to memorize Chinese, Japanese, and other Foreign Names.

  • Last Names

    Show that you truly care by memorizing their First + Last Name!

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From the Foreword: Luis Angel is one of the rising stars in teaching and demonstrating memory. Over the last few years I have watched him develop into a trusted resource for those looking to learn memory while at the same time honing his own memory skills to competition level.

I’ve been teaching memory training for 23 years and I have not seen anyone else come along in the last 23 years that has the drive, ambition, knowledge of memory and talent in teaching that Luis does.

Building relationships is key to success in life and remembering names is key to building relationships. Using the techniques Luis teaches, I taught a CEO to remember the names of hundreds of his employees. His staff was impressed when he knew the names of everyone that worked in his company, all the way down to the janitors.

People don't care how much you know until they first know how much you care.

I can't think of a more crucial skill for a business person or anyone who wants to achieve more, than remembering names and building relationships.

>>You could easily learn the names of 300-500 new people this year with the memory techniques in this book.<<

What Professionals Say About Luis Angel and the
AE Mind "Better Memory Now" Training

  • Heather from Coldwell Banker in Huntington Beach, CA

    “We were so happy to have Luis here today. He met with me and my husband, we’re the brokerage owners, as well as about 30 of our realtors to help us improve our memories. We really need to work on remembering our clients’ names and interesting things about them to make that personal connection and Luis was great. He had so many great ideas for visualization, helpful memory techniques…”

  • Dorinda with ReMax Omega in Arcadia, CA

    I had an Awesome Training Session with Luis Angel this morning on Memory Techniques. We learned extensively how to decide where to put the information, how to remember the information, and how to recall it. I highly recommend his memory training.”

  • Jeanine From ReMax Masters in Downey, CA

    “Today we had the pleasure of having Luis Angel with the Memory Seminar… gave us ideas on how to remember names, and strategies that really will help us with our business.”

  • Anthony from Century 21 Award in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

    “I think that we’re all most impressed with his ability to memorize a 40 digit number in 3 minutes. Recite it forward, and then 30 minutes later recite that same 40 digit number backwards. Skills and techniques he taught today were very realistic to learn…”

Get The Book TODAY!Get the "How to Remember Names and Faces" Book

Luis Angel Author

  • Founder and Main Memory Coach at AE Mind | Accelerated Empowered Mind
  • Competed in the USA Memory Championship
  • Was the Youngest American to Compete in the World Memory Championship
  • Memorized a Deck of Cards in 2 min. 40 sec. with Perfect Recall
  • Memorized a 114 digit number in 5 minutes with Perfect Recall
  • Coached the AE Mind Memory Team to a 1st Place Medal in the Numbers event at the USA Memory Championship
  • Started AE Mind Memory Clubs in Los Angeles High Schools and in Universities such as UC Irvine and UC Santa Barbara.
  • Speaker for Schools, Organizations, and Companies to help students and professionals have a "Better Memory Now"
  • Author and Creator of the AE Mind: Better Memory Now Series

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Round Amazon 5 Star

Nathen Springs

A hardworking, positive, influential young man that deserves all the success that he's getting. Not only will you learn to memorize whatever it is your wanting to learn but also gain a friend that will give you the desire to be successful...don't believe me write him and find out.

Round Amazon 5 Star


What I LOVE about Luis Angel’s coaching methods is that it distills the steps of memorizing names (memorizing anything!), into a few, easy, doable steps. I see many clients every day - some very regularly, some only three or four times a year. Luis Angel’s methods are fundamental and consistent.

Round Amazon 5 Star

Sal Piacente

There has been so much written in the past about remembering names and faces but none has ever reached the teaching level of this book. This book will guide you through the steps and give you a countless number of exercises that has never been done before.

Round Amazon 5 Star

Shannon Bushman

Now that is a good book. I've had trouble for years remembering names, this is just what I needed.

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Get The Book TODAY!Get the "How to Remember Names and Faces" Book


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